• The Factory

    The small town of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania is home to Brooklyn Boot, where our boots are carefully crafted by skilled shoemakers using a traditional, time-honored 125-step process.

Securing jobs for our workers

Securing Jobs for Our Workers

We pride ourselves on fueling American manufacturing and securing jobs in the U.S. by ensuring that all ends of our production take place on our soil.

  • Direct to You

    Fresh off the assembly lines, our boots bypass the middleman and ship straight to you – allowing us to deliver American-made products at an affordable price.

No retailer markup

USA-Made, Affordable

American-made shoes are synonymous with quality and dependability, but unfortunately they are getting harder and harder to find. Generally, stuff made here tends to cost more to produce than it does overseas. You’re paying for American real estate, workers, warehousing costs and typically high-quality materials. Add to all of that the markup cost implemented by retailers and you’ve got a pricey product.

Enter Brooklyn Boot Company. With our new approach to the USA-made process, we’re crafting top-quality American-made shoes at a price Americans can afford to pay. We’re doing this by eliminating the middleman from our business model and passing the savings along to our customers.

  • Our Inspiration

    From the east coast to the west coast, from major cities to small towns, we found the inspiration for our boot company and its name.

Brooklyn Bridge

Why "Brooklyn"?

In many ways, Brooklyn, New York is the heart of our country’s cultural history. So much of America’s modern infrastructure was built first there – its roads were among the first paved paths to our schools, hospitals, libraries, bridges, and harbors. Today there are multiple cities and towns across the country that have adopted the Brooklyn name, each inhabited by a multitude of personalities and people who call Brooklyn home. We love that. We sought to tap into that collective appeal of such a prevalent name in order to make a universally appealing boot that caters to every man and every kind of style.

Last but not least, our factory is located on a site named Brooklyn Industrial Park, so the name seemed too significant to ignore.

  • Quality & Craftsmanship

    Brooklyn Boot Company is dedicated to offering the highest standard of craftsmanship and the finest quality materials.

Uncompromising Quality

Our leathers are carefully selected from trusted tanneries and made from the best raw materials.

  • Bison Pull-Up

    Bison Pull-up - American Bison Leather

    Based in Colorado, this leather supplier utilizes a tanning process free of typical additives, allowing the hide to feel incredibly natural and unmistakably genuine. The American Bison leather has a high oil content with a color pull up, meaning it lightens in color as you stretch or pull on it. This provides a unique worn-in look with wear.

  • Grey Grizzly

    Grey Grizzly - Demar Leather Co.

    This once small leather merchant in New York City blossomed into a family-owned worldwide leather supplier. This grey crunch leather was hand-tied during the natural dye process in order to create rivets in the hide for the dye to settle. The hand-tying process adds a personal touch and imparts a unique, smoky illusion on each boot.

  • Night Wolf

    Night Wolf – Demar Leather Co.

    Also sourced from Demar Leather Co., this jet black leather used for our Rough Lands in Night Wolf comes from artfully treated skins. The hides have been naturally milled, resulting in an incredibly soft texture and tumbled look.

  • Barking Roughout

    Barking Roughout - C.F. Stead & Co.

    We couldn’t resist calling on our brothers over the pond for this unique rough out leather. C.F. Stead & Co., a UK-based family business that's been around since the 1890’s, provided us with this carefully treated suede leather that is easily broken in and conceals wear and tear like no other.